Broken Castles of the Sky

In the cradle she lies Shedding those little tears Lifting her tiny fingers Sketching her castle in the skies. .. Waddling with her squeaky shoes She stumbles and squeak Revived by her mother angel Carries on with her hide and seek. .. Climbing up the school van Clapping hands and rapping rhymes She peeps through... Continue Reading →



"Sometimes you need to travel the entire world to figure out the fact that happiness lies exactly where you started the journey from. But unless you travel you are never going to realize it either." ~ Fathima Salim Inspired from : The Alchemist (Paul Coelho)   Sometimes in life we tend to think that our past and present are... Continue Reading →


​"We all have our bad days, Terrible days.  Our heart aches,  Our belief breaks. But day by day,  You grow stronger. Stronger and stronger  and one fine day, The strongest. You laugh over your bad days No anger , No hatred. You learn to forgive and forget You smile over your new life New people... Continue Reading →


"Living a dull , boring life." "I just don't feel inspired to do anything at all. " Coming across such situations these days? Assuming that all of you reading this are atleast 15 years old , just imagine,  all we have got is, let's say around 60-70 years of lifetime . Why to spoil the... Continue Reading →


"Take turns in your life and make it interesting and adventurous. Walking straight all the way makes life so dull and deadly." - Fathima Salim


We often complain in life that we tried once , twice, thrice, a hundred times to achieve something or to reach somewhere and were not be able to do so. And we give up. Its the same case with me , I have gone through this phase many times too!  And yesterday I came across... Continue Reading →


Yes! I am officially done with first year of my college ( With no supplementaries hopefully 😂). So let me tell you my story. Well not exactly my story , but a story based on my inner psycholgocial complexometric feelings. Complexometric? Sheesh ! That was complexometric titrations (what am I even thinking, chem is already... Continue Reading →


Its the month of Ramadan. The month of fasting? Or is it the month of feasting ? Waiting for the sunset so you can fill up your stomach as much as you can.  Just think about those poor souls not having a drop to drink or a piece of bread to eat. Not just during... Continue Reading →


"Lying is an art."  Yes it really is. Its a talent to get people in your pockets by telling those tiny little lies. Well why not? We are no one to blame them. Its a talent isn't it?  The one to be blamed is you. In general, US. We all are  human beings with a... Continue Reading →

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